Daily Affirmation: They Don't Need Perfection

August 05, 2014

We know there's no such thing as perfect, right? We know, too, most of us that imperfection is the perfection. But still, I know I push towards a perfect. I am pushing for perfection when I'm rushing around the kitchen preparing dinner and shooing my toddler towards her dolls. I am pushing for perfection when I bark at my partner for coming home late and "robbing" me of my own work time. I am pushing for perfection when I pick up my ambling girl and thereby forcibly pick up our pace. I am pushing for perfection when I fight with her over the choice of pants, or shoes, or shirt, or sweater, or socks... oh, how she is growing opinionated in her interesting clothing choices!

I think I'm getting better with time, though. I forgo the fancy sauce in order to make room for my toddler's help. I acquiesce to getting a little less done at night sometimes to welcome my guy home in peace. I amble, too, and marvel at the cracks in the sidewalk. I just say yes to purple with beige with yellow polka dots and rain boots on a sunny day. More and more, these are my choices.

We have a family motto I like to keep in my view. "Happy, not perfect." There's a new motto this affirmation is inspiring me to put up alongside it. "Love first." 

May love be the very threshold to all your to-do's today.