Mothering & Professional Work: The Process of Balance

April 01, 2012

When we become mothers... the whole balance of our life is completely different. From having to quit our jobs sometimes, to adjusting to the new demands of night feedings, more laundry and waking up to someone always needing you. It is a process.

A process that takes balance...

boba1A few years back I decided to start my own business. It was something I had never thought about doing... but with encouragement and a natural talent for art and photography, I really did want to. At the time I had just had my second son. Who was only a month old.

Starting it was a process in itself. From branding, to learning how to use my gear properly, to even just learning the "basic rules" of becoming a professional photographer. It really is a lot more to sort out than I had originally thought.

I knew going into it though that my being a mother would always come first. Photography was something I had to learn to balance with motherhood. There were times that I wouldn't say yes to an overload of work, which produced more money, but also took away from the joy of it. It added so much stress to my daily routine with my boys... that it began to become a chore... The creative side of me began to rely on what was "comfortable" rather than what was creative and exciting.

I started my business in 2007 and here I am in 2012 still going.

There have been moments motherhood caused my business to stop. From pre-term labor with my 3rd son Owen, to moving (A LOT), home schooling and just enjoying life as a busy home schooling mom of three sweet boys.

So when I meet mothers interested in becoming photographers, I just really try to encourage them to take it one day at a time... balance the time they spend working with the time they need with their children. If you ever come to a place where you aren't enjoying it... step back.

Ultimately you decide what you can take on. Saying "no" or "it may have to wait" will come. This doesn't mean you won't succeed.


The process of Balance, is hard - but so worth finding.


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