Boba Wrap The Newborn Hold

This hold is ideal for the newest additions to your fun-seeking family (those who weigh 2–10 pounds to be exact). One thing though: if your baby tips the scale at less than 5 pounds, please discuss proper babywearing techniques with your physician and review all of our baby wrap safety tips before suiting up in your Boba Wrap.

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Once you’ve tied the wrap on your body using our baby wrap tying instructions, take the shoulder piece that is closer to your chest and pull it away from your body. Boba Wraps are made of strong, stretchy material, which makes them easier to put on since you don’t have to leave room for baby.
  • Slide your wee one down your chest (facing in) and into the shoulder piece being careful not to separate his or her legs. Leave the legs tucked in the frog position or “fetal tuck,” and spread the fabric wide over your baby’s entire body.
  • Securely hold your baby and spread the other shoulder piece over your baby’s body.
  • Pull the logo piece up and over your baby’s bottom and to the back of the neck ensuring that he or she is in a fully upright position. Horizontal or “hammock” positions and outward facing positions are unsafe and should not be used with a baby wrap.