Front Carry for Boba Air

Count on the Boba Air front carry for kiddos ranging between 15–30 pounds. Please note, the Boba Air is not designed for newborns, so if your child is still under 15 pounds, consider the Boba Wrap or Boba Carrier, which both have safe and specially designed newborn holds.

Step-by-Step Front Carry Instructions

  • Fasten and adjust waist buckle at your back making sure the belt is snug, but not suffocating. Allow the body of the carrier to hang down in front. 

  • Bring baby to your chest and separate his or her legs so that they wrap around you and hang over the waist belt.

  • Bring the body of the carrier up over baby’s back while securely supporting him or her in your arms.

  • With your right hand supporting baby, place left shoulder strap on your shoulder.

  • Switch supporting hands and bring the right shoulder strap over your shoulder.

  • Bring both hands behind your neck and fasten chest strap. Tighten to secure.

  • Tighten the shoulder straps by pulling down on the adjustment straps if needed, and dive into a day of freedom together.