Sleepy Wrap is now Boba Wrap!!!

Sleepy Wrap is now Boba Wrap!!!
Welcome!  "What's going on here?", you may ask.

Well- for years, Sleepy Wrap and Boba Baby Carrier have been the same company, but nobody knew outside of our office. We focused on building the best baby wrap on the market, and the best baby carrier on the market, and we were doing it successfully as two separate entities.  We had never thought about running them under the same brand name. Then one day, as we were thinking about why we do what we do, a light bulb lit up.  We realized these two amazing products deserved to be made available as a family.

Our focus is on creating products that enhance freedom together. Freedom for the child and the mother, freedom for the child and the father, freedom for the family, freedom to be with other families…. together. How could our vision of building the very best products, allowing families to be free and together, be realized under two separate company brands?  It couldn't.

In our few years of being in business, most of the parents loyal to their Sleepy Wraps, never even knew that we made Boba Baby Carriers, and vice versa. Since we are committed to the base foundation of “freedom together,” both products needed to be moved together.

With this, Sleepy Wrap is now Boba Wrap. Both the Boba Baby Carrier and the Boba Baby Wrap can now be found on our new website, Sleepy Wrap is now part of the Boba family, and we couldn’t be happier.  We've got it together.

I know, it's hard to get used to a name change.  But it makes sense.  Browse around our new Boba site and if you feel inspired tell us what you think!

We're so glad you stopped by. See our new Boba Wraps here.

Warm wishes to you and your family,

Elizabeth Antunovic, Founder