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Boba Air Black Ultra Lightweight Baby Carrier

$85,99 $90,00

Our compact and self-storing version of the soft structured carrier will be your ultimate travel companion.

Made for efficiency and convenience, it packs all the essential features needed for an ergonomic ride anytime, anywhere!

Works best for babies 4 - 24 months (15+ lbs / 7 kg), but will even carry big kids up to 45 lbs / 20 kg!

The Boba Air is genuinely one of a kind! Compact, self-storing, and light as a feather!

Even weighing less than 1 lb (0.5 kg), it includes all the must-have features for a comfortable ride — padded mesh straps and leg openings, Boba signature sliding back strap design, integrated hood for protection from the elements, and double adjustable shoulder strap for easy on the go breastfeeding!

It will support your little one's developing hips and spine in a natural ergonomic position in a front and back carry!

Why this matters? We did the research, so you don't have to! 

Made from lightweight and durable nylon and designed to come along for the ride! Don’t worry about wet marks, salt stains, or sand sticking to the carrier! And even if you have to wash it after a day of airport travel, it will dry super fast!

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The "why" behind the boba air

So much freedom in such a tiny package!

Just unpack and enjoy the ride!

Step 1: Snap the waistband on
Step 2: Pop baby in
Step 3: Buckle the shoulder straps and you're good to go!

Boba Air support

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Even at less than 1 lb, it packs all the must-have features in a convenient little bundle - padded straps and leg openings, sliding chest strap, and hood for protection from the elements.

All the essentials for comfy and secure babywearing on the go!


Ultralight nylon - quick-drying & easy to clean

Padded and breathable mesh shoulder straps

Cushioned leg openings for your growing babe

Integrated hood

Self-storing pouch

Checklist for comfortable & ergonomic babywearing

A. baby’s face is close enough to kiss and in view at all times

B. baby’s nose is parallel to the ground or higher

C. baby’s spine, pelvis, and legs are well supported

D. baby’s spine forms agentle “J” shaped curve

E. baby’s legs are in a spread-squat position & supported knee-to-knee

Real reviews from real parents.

"Best carrier I've purchased thus far! Lightweight, fits nicely rolled up in my purse, breathable for both baby and I. Would recommend!"

"Absolute perfect travel gear!"

"I loved wearing this with my 8 month old while my 2 1/2 year old played in the splash pad. Hands down my fave carrier!"