Simple as ABC front & back carry

A. Snap on your waistband
B. Pop baby in
C. Snap your shoulder straps, buckle & enjoy the ride!

For all the know-how check out our educational page!


1. Infant Insert

2. Purse/Bag Snap

3. Detachable Hood + Large Pocket

4. Breastfeeding Access Buckle

5. Small Zippered Pocket

Real reviews from real parents.

"I was looking for a carrier that was machine washable, easy to put on/ take off, something comfortable for my little one to take naps in and nursing friendly. This carrier fits all those needs and has been great! I’m so happy I bought this carrier."

"I've had this carrier since someone gifted it to me with my first in 2015. I used it with my first, with my second, and am now using it with #3. It's still in amazing condition. The craftsmanship is commendable. Such a simple design, lightweight, still with the comfort and even the convenience of a zipper pouch. Easily my go-to when I need to put a baby up. On the front or on my back, super simple and safe. Love this product!"

"Only place my little one will sleep during the day!"

Customer Reviews

Based on 1177 reviews
Kim Keating
Baby shower gift

This is a gift therefore I have not used or opened it. I am sure the Mom will love it. She had it on her registry.

Amanda Braman

I love the Organic Boba recommended by specialists as a way to baby wear, bond, and carry with healthy hip development. I did pay for expedited shipping, but there was an error with the system that delayed this for over a week. The company did send it out after they noticed the issue (it was Christmas time too, so I did grant grace!). My reason for 4 stars is that this version did not come with a carry case, so you just set it down when you’re done and my cat gravitates to it. If it had a case I feel it would be stored more easily and kept cleaner longer (and pet hair free ;)).

Overall, of the three carriers I tried, this would be the one I would recommend most, with the advice to purchase a storage bag somewhere.

Susie Humbeutel

Very quick delivery. It's for a present in a month's time. I'm sure it will be well loved and I'm sure it's of superior quality as per the reviews I've seen on youtube.

Elena Kononenko

I am a big fan of babywearing. My babywearing journey started in 2006 back in Russia after my first daughter was born. At that time, we lived in an apartment on the 4th floor with no elevator in the building. Carrying a stroller up and down for 2 weeks was enough for me to understand: there should be another solution. That's when I discovered the world of slings and baby carriers. My first one was a ring sling, then a wrap, Mei Tais, etc. I even made a couple of ring slings myself. Here, in the United States, I was searching for some babywearing options that would work better for me after my 5th daughter was born. I remembered Boba for its wonderful quality and good reviews. The first product I ordered was the Boba Serenity Wrap in Light Gray. I was so excited to receive the package. The fabric is strong and soft simultaneously. It wraps my baby almost like my hands. When I am carrying her, the wrap is not bulky, and it's very easy to adjust the tightness. After the wrap, I bought two more products from Boba (reviews are coming). Thank you so much, Boba team, for making amazing high-standard babywearing products and popularizing them. I can't overstate the importance of babywearing for both mother and baby's development, bonding, physical, and mental health. I will recommend Boba to all my friends and subscribers.

Elena, mother of five.

Kelly Tockey

This wrap is so comfortable and although my baby is still getting adjusted to it, I love it already. The wrap does make babywearing very accessible to someone who doesn't want to spend hours figuring out how to wear wraps! I read several reviews that mentioned there should be a tote bag that comes with the wrap, but I didn't receive one, just the wrap itself.

No such thing as too much love.

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