Boba Carrier Safety

Use these guidelines (plus some good old-fashioned common sense) to ensure that you and your little adventurer stay safe as you two explore the world as one. Every single element of the Boba Carrier—from fabric to finishing touch—is designed with your absolute safety in mind, and all you have to do is enjoy the ride. Security sure can look cute, can’t it?

10 Tips for the Safest Ride

  • 1. Watch the Weight and Holds

    The Boba Carrier is intended for children from 7–45 pounds, and has been stress tested up to 60. Our carriers are not designed to carry your baby facing out (learn why in our article Nine Reasons Not to Carry Your Baby Facing Out", and we only recommend using our three approved holds (front carry, back carry and the newborn hold).

  • 2. Best Seat in the House

    Be sure the fabric body of the carrier extends at least up to your child’s upper back and that the waist buckle clicks securely. If your baby is moving around a lot or stretching his legs out straight like a board, the carrier may not be adjusted properly or your child may be too big or small for a comfy carry. In this case, take your child out of the carrier and give us a call.

  • 3. Play Detective

    Regularly give your carrier a carefully once-over to be sure that the fabric and seams are all good to go.

  • 4. Hit the Stage

    Use the right carrier for your baby’s stage. If you're not sure which carrier is right for you, check out our carrier comparison.

  • 5. High-Speed Common Sense

    A baby carrier is not a safety device and it does not replace a car seat. For these reasons and about a million others, do not wear your baby in a wrap when driving or riding in a car or while riding a bike.

  • 6. Use Your Noggin

    If there’s an activity you wouldn't do while pregnant or one that requires protective gear, don’t do it while babywearing. That means no climbing ladders, riding horses, running, skating, skiing, swimming, mowing the lawn, cleaning with harsh chemicals, skydiving, white water rafting, bungee jumping…you get the idea.

  • 7. Steer Clear of Danger

    Kiddos are nothing if not “grabbers,” so be aware of what yours can reach when you’re wearing them. Keep a safe distance from anything hot, sharp or otherwise hazardous.

  • 8. Smart Moves

    For all those times you need to bend over, lean, adjust the carrier or move in some other awkward way (parenting…are we right?), be sure to support your baby with your arms and don’t let go of your baby until your position is back to neutral.

  • 9. This Little Piggy…

    Remember to undo the foot straps and hold on tight when taking your baby out of the carrier. We wouldn’t want any tippie toes or ankles getting tangled on the way out.

  • 10. Protection from the Elements

    Just like when they're out of the carrier, babies need sunscreen and appropriate clothes. Don’t let your little one get too hot in the summer (overdressing can cause heat stress) or too cold in the winter (check out our vests and hoodies for that extra layer over your carrier).

Sealed and Approved

Boba baby wraps and carriers comply with all U.S. and European standards for child and babywearing safety.

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