The Newborn Hold

Adventure doesn’t have to wait until your baby gets older because you can embrace the closeness of babywearing right from the start using the carrier newborn hold. Perfect for babies 7–15 pounds, this hold takes advantage of our fan-favorite feature: the Boba 4G Carrier integrated infant insert.

Step-by-Step Newborn Hold Instructions

  • Fasten and adjust waist buckle at your back. If you will be carrying a 7–10-pound baby, snap the infant insert to form the ball shape. Leave insert unsnapped for babies 10–15 pounds.

  • Bring both hands behind your neck and fasten chest strap.

  • Adjust shoulder straps to leave room for baby (you’ll adjust again after baby is inside).

  • Using both hands, carefully slide your baby into the carrier facing you. Babywearing with your little adventurer facing out is a no-go, and here’s an article detailing why.

  • If your baby is 7–10 pounds, his or her legs should be in the fetal tuck around the infant insert. If your baby is 10–15 pounds, his or her legs should be in an M position around the opened, unsnapped infant insert.

  • Adjust the shoulder straps and side adjustments so that your baby has total back support from the carrier. No slumping please.

  • If you need a little extra head support, snap the removable hood across to the opposite shoulder strap. Your baby’s head should be resting on your chest facing either left or right, and his or her nose should be parallel to the floor or higher.