Boba 4Gs

We're devoted to empowering parents with all our knowledge so that you can comfortably enjoy every second of your babywearing journey!

This will be amazingly snug and comfortable but remember — it’s a new experience for both you and your baby!

Make sure that baby is well-fed and not overtired when you first start using the carrier. Try practicing in front of the mirror.

If baby starts getting fussy, just take a deep breath and a few steps around the room until you’re both ready to continue.

Once positioned correctly, your baby should be snug against your body, high on your chest, enabling you to stand normally, just as if you were holding them in your arms.

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Newborn Front Carry with an infant insert

The infant insert enables you to wear your baby before they can fit with their legs out of the carrier!
They can usually comfortably fit the seat of the carrier from knee-to-knee at around the 6 month mark!

Please note that all weight ranges are approximate - the most important factor when choosing which insert position to use is that your baby's legs are fully supported from knee-to-knee without overextending - their little legs should hang freely at the knee.

The included infant insert can be used in 2 positions.

Front Carry4 - 24 months(15 - 45 lbs or 6.8 - 20 kg)

It really is as easy as 1-2-3!

STEP 1: Snap the waistband around your natural waist

STEP 2: Position baby on your front and bring the panel of the carrier over their back

STEP 3: Bring shoulder straps over your shoulders, buckle the back strap and tighten as needed!

Good to go!

Back Carry 6+ months(20–45 lbs / 9–20 kg)

Back carry is only recommended for babies with full head/neck control and who can sit unassisted.

The back carry position is amazing for curious bigger babies and super convenient for parents on the go!

To be as confident as possible, you can try getting baby on and off your back without a carrier first! Practice over a soft surface or with a spotter, and you'll be a pro in no time!

There are many beginner-friendly ways to get baby on your back!

Get the most out of your new carrier!


Strap holders can be used to prevent your purse from slipping off of your shoulder, you can snap your keys onto your carrier or bring along your baby’s favorite toy!


When your baby has fallen asleep, pull the hood from the carrier pocket and snap one or both hood straps to the shoulder strap.

Checklist for comfortable & ergonomic babywearing

A. baby’s face is close enough to kiss and in view at all times

B. baby’s nose is parallel to the ground or higher

C. baby’s spine, pelvis, and legs are well supported

D. baby’s spine forms a gentle "J"shaped curve

E. baby’s legs are in a spread-squat position & supported knee-to-knee

Breastfeeding in the Boba 4Gs

Enjoy hassle-free breastfeeding on the go!

STEP 1: Loosen the waistband buckle and release the breastfeeding access buckle to get some slack

STEP 2: Scoot baby down and reach under the shoulder strap

STEP 3: Hold your breast and latch!

Once your baby is done nursing, scoot them back up and re-tighten straps as needed.

Learn more tricks for simple and convenient feeding in the carrier!

Freedom together.

With you is their favorite place to be!