How to Nurse in a Baby Wrap

Boba knows moms. We understand your high points, your struggles, and yeah, even your need to nurse when you’re on the go, go, go. Breastfeeding in a baby carrier doesn’t have to be any trouble. Boba baby carriers and wraps let you get the job done comfortably and discreetly while sitting, standing or walking. And thanks to the stretchy fabric on the Boba Wrap, you don’t have to untie or loosen the fabric to nurse your baby.

Tips and Tricks for Nursing in a Boba Wrap

  • 1. Ever so gently push your baby down in the wrap. The area where his or her thighs meet the torso is a good place to put your hands as you push downward.

  • 2. Reach under the shoulder strap and lift your breast to baby’s mouth.

  • 3. Keep in mind that you’ll still be tummy to tummy. Your baby needs to stay completely vertical while in the Boba wrap, so don’t try to latch them on in a cradled position like when you nurse sitting down.

  • 4. Want a little extra privacy? We can jive with that. The Boba Wrap allows you to easily stretch the shoulder strap fabric for some added mom and/or baby coverage. Just be sure you can still see your baby’s nose and mouth.

  • 5. For the times when latching in the wrap just isn’t in the cards, take your baby out and nurse normally. When nursing with your baby out of the wrap while still wearing it, the two pieces of fabric that cross in the front double as a discreet cover-up.