The “Love Your Baby” Hold

For older babies who may be too big for the newborn hold, but still love being heart-to-heart with mom or dad on the go, you can’t go wrong with this hold. The “love your baby” hold keeps 8–35-pound babies close to you even as they grow.

Step-by-Step “Love Your Baby” Hold Instructions

  • Once you’ve tied the wrap on your body using our baby wrap tying instructions, hold your baby securely and carefully pass his or her leg under the shoulder piece that is closest to your body.

  • Spread the fabric wide over your baby’s bottom, back and shoulder. The wider you spread it the more comfortable baby will be as you embark on your adventures.

  • Tuck your baby under the second shoulder piece and spread out the fabric again. The fabric should be spread all the way out to the back of your baby’s knees on both sides.

  • Pull the logo piece of the fabric over your baby’s bottom and up to the back of their neck. Your baby’s legs can be inside or outside the fabric. See? Easy breezy.