So much freedom in such a tiny package!

Just unpack and enjoy the ride!

Step 1: Snap the waistband on
Step 2: Pop baby in
Step 3: Buckle the shoulder straps and you're good to go!

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Even at less than 1 lb, it packs all the must-have features in a convenient little bundle - padded straps and leg openings, sliding chest strap, and hood for protection from the elements.

All the essentials for comfy and secure babywearing on the go!


Ultralight nylon - quick-drying & easy to clean

Padded and breathable mesh shoulder straps

Cushioned leg openings for your growing babe

Integrated hood

Self-storing pouch

Real reviews from real parents

"Best carrier I've purchased thus far! Lightweight, fits nicely rolled up in my purse, breathable for both baby and I. Would recommend!"

"Absolute perfect travel gear!"

"I loved wearing this with my 8 month old while my 2 1/2 year old played in the splash pad. Hands down my fave carrier!"

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Ariel Emmerson

I bought the Boba Air Ultra Lightweight Baby Carrier to have on hand for hikes and walks with my toddler. I love how easy it is to pack away and bring along in my day pack. I wear it while we hike and my 26-month old can climb up for a ride whenever she wants a break (and get down again, and up again, and down again... ha ha!). It's lightweight and convenient and easy to use after some initial practice. We are still practicing using it as a back carrier and with more time and use I think riding on my back will be a new favorite. We've practiced by wearing it around the house while cooking, which has been a lot of fun. I really appreciate having a carrier that works so well with my older child and when we grow out of it, I will be so excited to pass it on!

Élisabeth Hetu
Very usefull and extremly confortable !

My baby loves it ! He's always too warm but with this baby carrier he never cries ! he likes it ! and I do to !

Alexandra NOEL

I hesitated a long time before buying the Boba Air because I love my Boba X so much. But I wanted a carrier that would fit in a backpack for when my toddler is tired. I am lucky that he is not big and is comfortable in it so I will use the Boba Air for a least a few months. I just wish I had bought it earlier. Piece of advice: go for it, even if you have another baby carrier, it’s worth having both.

Paige Van otten

I had two other carriers when my daughter was an infant, but now that she is 3 and has a renewed interest in being worn, this is now our go-to carrier. We keep it in the car so it's always available. My daughter is 37 inches and 32 pounds and while I wouldn't want to go for a 4 hour hike with it, I have no problem with walking a couple miles in it. I am planning to bring it when we travel this summer, and keep it with me at all times in case my daughter needs a break.

Ceri Kimmel

Best carrier I've purchased thus far! Lightweight, fits nicely rolled up in my purse, breaths for both baby and I. Would recommend!

Life is the best classroom.

And you are the best teacher. With you, they get a safe place from which to view the world and learn about the unknown. When your baby is calm and alert and in touch with you, they're in the optimum state for observing and processing the stimuli.