Babywearing In Cold Weather 101

Babywearing In Cold Weather 101

Is babywearing your FAVORITE thing, but as the weather turns sour and the temperatures drop leaving the house becomes confusing?

How should I dress my baby when we venture out in the cold? Should I put her in a snowsuit? How do I keep her legs warm?
— these are all very common and valid questions this time of year! Wearing our babies in the colder months while dealing with multiple layers, bulky snowsuits, and slippery floors can be tricky if you don’t know the tricks!

Being able to be active outdoors throughout the year is crucial for overall physical and mental health and both your and your baby’s immune systems, so knowing how to safely and comfortably wear your baby in the cold means having the freedom to venture out, come snow or shine!

Babywearing can be an amazing way to keep both you and your little one warm and cozy, not to mention happy!

Always make sure your baby’s face is visible & kissable! Your baby’s mouth and nose should always be free of any obstructions (scarves, hoodies, puffy jackets), and her nose pointing up (ensure her chin isn’t slanting towards her chest).

Keep in mind that the carrier, as well as your body, are extra sources of heat so make sure to check the back of your baby’s neck for her body temperature often.

Choosing your baby carrier, your attire, and how to dress your baby will mostly depend on whether you’ll be wearing your baby UNDER or OVER your top layer (be it a coat, jacket, or hoodie).

Especially if you have a small baby, we suggest wearing them under your top layer whenever possible!

You can repurpose your old maternity coat, your partner’s jacket, or invest in a babywearing coat with an insert - a bonus even when back wearing a tired toddler!
Making sure your baby is in a safe and ergonomic position in the carrier is so much easier this way -- can you imagine wrapping your stretchy wrap over a big puffy jacket and sticking in a baby that’s wearing a bulky slippery snowsuit?

Keeping your baby close to your body, without many layers of fabric between the two of you, will enable you both to benefit from the combined body heat and make you more aware of how warm or cool they are. Did you know that you and your baby can even have “thermal synchrony”?


When wearing your baby inside your coat, a good rule of thumb is to dress your baby as warm as you’ve dressed yourself and possibly adding a layer on those little legs peeking from the carrier.

Woolen knee-high socks, legwarmers, and tights all do the trick if your baby’s pant legs ride up in the spread squat position!
In general, wool is an excellent choice for you and your baby because it absorbs moisture without feeling damp, keeping you dry and warm. Wearing your baby during a walk in the snow can be quite a workout, so a sweat-wicking fabric a great option!

Note that whatever the weather conditions, dressing your baby in a footed jumpsuit may restrict their movement and hinder their ability to find a comfortable ergonomic position in a carrier - when wearing your baby go for the footless variety or opt for a bigger size!

Make sure to cover those extremities - choose a good hat that covers your baby’s ears or a ski mask that also protects her neck from the weather elements!

If you choose to wear your baby OVER your coat there are some easy guidelines to follow:

  • Remember that your baby won’t be able to benefit from your body heat to keep them warm so you will need to dress them in extra layers.
  • Layers, layers, layers! Add and remove layers depending on your situation - is your baby taking a 2-hour long wrap nap or is your toddler the up-and-down type?
  • Add mittens and, if you have an arms-out child, you can even add some leg warmers to cover their arms!
  • If your toddler will be walking in the rain, snow, or mud it’s a good idea to cover their winter boots with shoe covers once they go in the carrier to protect your clothes!
  • You will want your coat to provide some grip (especially if you want to use the Boba Air).
  • Choose a non-slip winter overall for your baby - there are some great waterproof options for those curious crawling babes! Size up to allow enough room for a comfortable deep seat in the carrier!
  • If you will be hiking (and getting a bit of a sweat on) make sure you leave your jacket unzipped allowing you to add or remove your layers without needing to take your baby out of the carrier.
  • If you’re wearing your baby on your back, be careful that the hood of your jacket is not obstructing your child’s face, or choose a top layer with a detachable hood.

When walking out and about in the freezing wintertime, the most important thing is confidence and trust in your stability as well as the surface you’re embarking upon - with a baby on your body or without - if you don’t feel comfortable walking around without your baby, it might be a good idea to rethink your babywearing outing!

Choosing a good pair of snow boots or hiking shoes or even adding spikes to your regular shoes is an excellent investment in your winter adventures to cope with the icy sidewalks or untouched blankets of snow — whether you’ll be babywearing or not.

Keep in mind that your center of balance can shift with the baby’s additional weight on your body, so make sure you adjust your carrier well and position your baby properly to ensure you both a secure and happy experience!


The Boba Wrap will add the most layers and therefore provide you both with the most warmth - keep that in mind when dressing yourself and your baby!

As the Classic wrap fabric is thicker than the Serenity option, it’s a great choice for the colder months. Tie your wrap indoors and you can put the baby in and take her out as needed without worrying about dragging the wrap around in the snow!

If you’ll be wearing your baby over your coat, a soft structured carrier is preferable as you can more easily adjust it and position your baby well, despite having more fabric layers between you.

For older, walking children, choose a Boba Air - simply pop it in your coat jacket and use it when those little (muddy) feet get tired!

We hope you feel informed and empowered to venture out and take in the winter sights while exploring the freedom babywearing offers with your babe in tow!
If you have any more questions about wearing your baby in the winter, book a chat with our babywearing consultant at!