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Consider this Alternative to Tummy Time

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

My husband recently came home and told me of his friend’s newborn son that was left to wail and cry out his “tummy time” session because it was “important for his development, so that he...

An Interview with Dr. Erin Mannen

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

Erin Mannen, PhD, is currently conducting research at University of Arkansas in cooperation with International Hip Dysplasia Institute and Boba so we can better understand babywearing, hip dysplasia and spine development. Here's what she had...

An Interview with Dr. Charles Price from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

Boba: Hip health is a big concern for parents, can you talk a little bit about hip dysplasia and babyweaing? Dr. Price: Hip health during infancy should be a concern for parents because up to...

The Second Nine Months: Exterogestation and the Need to be Held

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

Table of Contents Introduction Gestation Outside of the Womb: “Exterogestation” Continuing Relation Between Mother and Child Birth Due to Large Head Mother’s Body Regulates Developing Systems Crawling Completes Exterogestation Human Developmental Periods Longer than Apes—Except...

The Babywearing Village  - A Gateway to Something Wonderful

Posted by Dr. Rosie Knowles on

“Babywearing communities are valuable sources of support and often a great place to forge new friendships.” You’ve decided you want to wear your baby. You feel a little unsure about it as babywearing isn’t yet...

The Fourth Trimester and Babywearing - The Parent’s Body Is The Child’s First Habitat

Posted by Dr. Rosie Knowles on

Have you come across the concept of the “fourth trimester”? It’s a very simple idea; babies grow in utero during three trimesters; split into three stages of development that last approximately three months each. Newborn...

The Importance of Dads

Posted by Deirdre Bell on

A child’s relationship with her father is more important than we’ve ever realized. To become strong and confident, children need their father’s attention, wisdom, courage and protection. Expert findings about involved fathers Research about a...

Kangaroo Mother Care

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

What is Kangaroo Mother Care? Kangaroo Mother Care is a method of care practiced on babies, usually on a preterm infant, where the infant is held skin-to-skin with his mother, father, or substitute caregiver. Kangaroo...

Benefits Backed By Science

Posted by Elizabeth Antunovic on

So you've heard that babywearing is "good for your baby" but maybe you don't know the actual scientific benefits. Fret no more, you've come to the right place! We've compiled all of the good stuff...