The Story of Bear Cub

The Story of Bear Cub

Limited Edition Baby Carrier Boba 4G Bear Cub - Available Friday, Dec 9th at

Graphic design was a hobby I picked up shortly after my first miscarriage. We lost twins in a complicated and drawn out miscarriage. Burying myself in design is what pulled me through the heartbreak of that loss of life and the miscarriage that followed. Luckily, third time (and fertility drugs) turned out to be a charm and we found ourselves pregnant again! A week before my scheduled c-section, it was discovered that my water had been broken for an undetermined amount of time, and we made our way for an emergency c-section. If I hadn't been lucky before, I was this time. 

As they started the surgery, I had a grade 3 placental abruption. Statistically it will often result in dire consequences. I guess life had bigger plans for us. My wonderful bear cub, Charlie was born with an infection and breathing problems, but alive. I was able to hold him that night in the NICU, and my heart was so full of happiness it felt like it could burst. This experience was only topped when I watched my daughter hold her little brother for the first time.

"Bear Cub" is the celebration of family, life, and love inspired by the birth of a miracle. It features momma and papa bears with their children in the home of a forest. It displays the perfect love to wrap your child up in, and hold them close to your heart.

Rachel Jaggers of Spotted Pepper Designs is the artist behind Boba's newest Limited Edition 4G print, Bear Cub Baby Carriers. Available for purchase Friday, December 9th at!