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A Special Thank You From Our New EVP

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A Special Thank You From Our New EVP
When I received a promotion this month I didn’t really make an announcement or share it with anyone outside my family (including my Boba family) – I changed my signature block and business cards of course, and changed the information on Facebook & LinkedIn, but little else. To my surprise over the next several days I was bombarded with emails and messages from people I’ve met along the way, those I’ve worked with in the past, and even those I don’t recall ever meeting or talking to congratulating me on such an exciting opportunity and promotion. Some people even referenced events that happened years ago when I was working in customer service, retailers reminiscing about events and discussions from the past, and people indicating that they’ve been “with me all the way” – what an interesting and exciting week it was. It wasn’t until this all transpired that I realized how truly awesome it is to be in a position that I not only get to meet so many people but apparently also build this bigger community of people who know me (if only online) and everything that I’ve worked for since the first day I walked into Boba Inc. (NAP, Inc., Sleepy Wrap Inc.). Because of this, this blog post is dedicated to everyone I have to thank for such an amazing experience so far, and all the wonderful things that the future holds. To Robert and Elizabeth Antunovic – Thank you for taking a chance on a stranger that emailed 100 times about a customer service position. Because of you I have had the opportunity to learn so many amazing things that I never would have known about. Because of you my son was brought into this world in a way that I am truly proud of and my family is so much closer because of the things that I have learned in this journey. Because of you I have had a chance to grow, find my strengths (and weaknesses) and find my path (even if it may be a dotted line that twists & turns!). Because of you I can come to work every day feeling happy and grateful – you have given me something that I will never take for granted. To the amazing distribution team I know – Each of you have inspired something new in me, challenged me and helped me to develop so many new skills – THANK YOU for not only being an inspiration but also that fire that made me find my true passion for international business. I’m sure most of you don’t know this, but I’m currently pursuing my masters degree in strategic management – with a concentration on international business… all because of you! One day I will make it around the world to meet each of you, if we haven’t met already, and toast to such an exciting past and all that the future holds. To my favorite Boba family – Whether you have been here for months or years, I have you to thank for helping me learn, maintain my sanity, and laugh through it all. To my family-family  - I am truly blessed to have a husband who supports everything I do, a son that makes me laugh and gives me a chance to really learn from a firsthand experience all these incredible things I’ve picked up on through the years, a mother that encourages me no matter what the situation may be, and a father that inspires me each day. To all of those who sent me emails, LinkedIn/Facebook messages, or texts – THANK YOU for making me smile! It’s exciting to know that I have made an impact, even if it’s something small and seemingly insignificant, and to feel like part of something even bigger than my “Boba circle” – thank you being a part of this. To everyone else reading this – There are not many companies out there who put PEOPLE above all else – be it employees, customers or total strangers on the street. The fact that you are reading this right now gives us even more inspiration and desire to continue making these efforts to create a lasting impact and build relationship with people all over the world, so thank you for your part as well! Thank you again to everyone – I’m truly looking forward to many more years of excitement and opportunity! ♥ Abby Armijo, Executive Vice President My Boba Family on a recent company outing:Boba Company Photo (Having Fun)

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