Adventures in Babywearing: International Travel

Adventures in Babywearing: International Travel
Travel is an incredible way to bond as family while also experiencing other cultures through their food, geography and daily life. But as any traveler knows, there is also a lot to manage when you are away from home. Your tickets, passports and luggage are just a few of the items you need to keep close at hand as you pass through airports and border crossings. We asked our Boba facebook friends what their secret to international family travel was and they all shared the same thing--Babywearing! Skipping the stroller and wearing your little one in a carrier or wrap frees up your hands to handle documents and luggage while offering your child a safe and comfortable place to rest as you navigate crowds and make your way. Babywearing not only makes international travel and living abroad doable, but also enjoyable for all of you. Here are some incredible families who we hope will inspire you to see the world, whether traveling for pleasure or living overseas for work.
"My two oldest kids were born in Hong Kong. With the busy, crowded streets, the easiest way to transport small children from place to place was by wearing them! Since car seats were not required on public transport, I could wear them everywhere I went, all the time. My two oldest kids were born just 18 months apart. Since it was difficult toting them in a double stroller, I decided to wear one on front and the other in a hip sling on the side. I got a few looks that way, but boy was it easy to get around. Even better than ease was the bond it created between my kids and me. It most definitely helped keep my milk supply going strong as well.
 On our trips back to the States, the best way to calm the kids and get them to sleep on the long flight was by wearing them and walking them up and down the aisles. It helped create a sense of security, I think.
I highly recommend wearing your babies on international trips. It enables ease of transport, a encourages a sense of security for your baby, and eliminates the worries of your child wandering off or being left behind in crowded areas."  • Colette  
"We just moved from the US to Uganda in early July.  I have a 5 month old and a 3 1/2 year old.  My Boba 3G was a lifesaver!  The 5 month old slept in the Boba most of the time we were in the airport, I was able to get through security without waking him, and I easily bounced him to sleep on the plane in my carrier.The most useful part was when we finally landed in Uganda - we had been traveling for almost 24 hours and my 3 year old had slept for only 3 hours.  She was completely exhausted but also very wound up from lack of sleep.  I put her (40 pounds!) in my Boba on my back as soon as we landed and she fell asleep immediately.  She slept contentedly on my back for the next hour as we went through immigration, gathered all our luggage, and found our ride." • Valerie
"We actually live in Romania most of the time. We first moved here seven years ago. I began looking into babywearing anticipating the arrival of our first child. She was carried in a sling and she loved being close to mommy. I loved the freedom that carrying her gave me. So, when we returned to the States to have our second blessing a friend of mine told me about the wrap. I wore it the next day and he's been enjoying it as much as I have. There would have been NO way for us to make the trip back here with 4 large suitcases, 4 carry-ons plus personal items, and a car seat if it hadn't been for the wrap. It left my hands free to pull a carry-on, plus hold our daughter's hand. He enjoyed the warmth of me close and I, his. It's not uncommon here for someone, even a stranger, to come and take baby out of mommy's arms. I've seen it happen and I didn't want it to happen to me and I didn't want little ones to be exposed to certain diseases here (mainly Hep A,B, & C and TB). Since our son was so small traveling back (2 months) the wrap was as safe place for him in more ways than one." • April
"We are a military family stationed abroad in Italy.  My son was born there in January, so of course we had to take him back to the states to introduce him to family.  He was 4 months when we left and 5 1/2 months when we returned.  My husband was with us for our four flights and 20 some hour journey.  On the way back I was on my own.  Thank goodness for the Boba!  I seriously don't know what I would have done.  On that trip I mastered going to the bathroom (TMI?), lightly jogging to catch a flight connection in Rome, soothing a cranky baby on a plane, holding a sleeping baby while on a plane, getting to a plane, leaving a plane, all while baby wearing.  We didn't even bring a stroller with us, so the entire journey there and while we were visiting I was wearing my sweet boy.  He loves the Boba, and I knew if he needed a nap, or needed to be calmed I just put him in it and we're good to go!  Thank you for your wonderful product!" • Emily
"We recently (in July) used our Boba Wrap and Carrier while on a trip in Monterrey, Mexico.  It is very hot down there and most places do not have AC.  We were down visiting family for a wedding (we used to live down there) and I was curious as to how hot I'd feel while wearing the wrap in their climate.  I was surprised to find it was actually cooler to wear my baby than to just carry him.  Whenever I'd just carry him, then our skin would be touching directly (my arm and his legs) and it caused us both to get really hot.  But when I had him in the wrap, it was so much cooler because he was located on the front of my body, not directly against my skin (plus I didn't have to exert as much energy carrying him versus holding him).  I was very surprised by how much cooler I felt wearing a wrap!  It helps though now because I can let my customers know with confidence that it is cooler to have the baby in a wrap versus just carrying them in their arms.  I so wish I'd had a Boba Wrap for the days when we lived in Mexico with our first child." • Megan, owner of  Colorado Baby and Pampered Buns
Bec and Her Little One
" I live in Australia and have traveled with my son since he was 8 weeks old. He has been on so many flights, around Australia and also four international trips, quite the seasoned traveler! I have taken him to Malaysia and Thailand on the first trip, Tanzania, East Africa for a month on the second trip with an overnight stopover in Dubai, then a big one: Kenya, Tanzania, Belgium and Ireland on the third trip, and we have recently returned from a two week home-stay in Fiji, staying with a local family and learning about village life and their traditional culture. Right now I am planning a 2.5 month trip beginning in September, going to Bali, Cambodia and Laos. I am a single mama and have done all of this traveling solo. I have learned a great deal, and it has been very challenging at times being alone when there have been problems (like fevers at 2am in an African village, scary) but the experiences I have shared with my son have been priceless. He is now 21 months old, and loves to look at slideshows of our holiday photos. He has friends all over the world already!" • Bec