Breastfeeding in a Carrier: During the Boba Photoshoot

October 11, 2011

We had to get all of our gorgeous local Boulder moms together for a photo shoot to show you our dazzling and fun new prints.  I chuckled to myself as all three models nursed in the carriers babies from three months to 22 months.  They were all really doing it.   And all discreetly.  The babies were fantastic.

Breastfeeding in the Boba Carrier

There is a side adjustment strap that allows for quick access so you can respond to your baby's cues in a jiffy.  Between shots, babies were allowed to refuel and get their wits about them, and the best part is that mom never needed to leave their sides! Nursing in a baby carrier is known to take some practice, but these ladies were naturals.

Once you get nursing in a carrier down, you'll never need to sit in the chair at the corner of the store, or find a park bench to soothe your little one.  Nursing spontaneously in a carrier is possible.  No preparation and no assembly required. Pretty handy.