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Daily Affirmation: I Don't Have To Justify

Posted by Heather Philipp on
Daily Affirmation: I Don't Have To Justify

You know that moment when you get the oh-so-subtle slant eye from someone as you're caring for your child the way your body and mind leads you? If you're like me, you sometimes hesitate in their glare or blurt out some reason to quiet them, to deflect criticism. I'm always left with a bad taste in my mouth when this happens. I feel my justification betrays not only myself, but also my child.

As I grow more confident in myself as a mother, this happens less and less. I read a quote recently about how the more confident we are in our choices, the less we feel we need to justify them to others. The more I trust my instincts, the more I trust my instincts. The more I trust, the less I justify. I just flow.

May your day be justification-free. Make it so, number one.

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