Dear Boba & Beco Community

Dear Boba & Beco Community

As many of you have heard, Boba- a company founded by two parents, Robert & Elizabeth Antunovic, and Beco- founded by Gabby Caperon have merged into one babywearing family.

We first met Gabby in 2010 at the ABC Kids show in Las Vegas and have been friends for quite some time. We’ve always had so much respect for Beco and when the opportunity came up to join forces, we jumped with both feet in.


Our #1 goal has been to make the transition as seamless as possible for everyone involved.  As part of the merger, all Beco employees who we didn't have positions for were given a severance package determined by Beco. Anyone from Beco who was interested in staying and willing to relocate to our beautiful Boulder, Colorado offices was invited. It was important to us that we kept as much of the family together as possible.

One sad change is that the Beco Soleil will be replaced with another carrier. Gabby and her team started considering discontinuing the Soleil back in 2014 and we decided that now was the right time. Rest assured that we’ll still offer full support to anyone currently owning and loving their Beco Soleil.

We look forward to learning from the Beco community. What does your dream carrier look like? What features have you always wanted? What prints have you been dreaming about?

We’re here to listen to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. We’re only here because of you.

Robert & Elizabeth (parents of 5 lovely and sometimes crazy kids)


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(littlest was still a star in the sky)