Scientific Study On How Babywearing Promotes Essential Bonding

These days most parents are already familiar with how beneficial babywearing is for mom and baby. Now new scientific research shows another amazing reason to wear your baby and keep your bodies close. This article tells how all it takes is a mom and baby’s eyes to meet for their heart beats to synchronize almost to the second.

You know that feeling - when you look at your newborn baby and they look back at you with love and perfection? It gives you butterflies and you can actually feel the bond growing between you! I still love the feeling of connection with my fourth baby now that’s she’s 10 months old. I wear her in a baby carrier often so we share so many beautiful moments.  This new study shows that this is more than just a feeling and that our intuition to hold our babies and keep them close is even more beneficial than we realized.

Wearing your baby is an amazing experience that is beneficial to you and your baby in so many ways. We don’t need science to tell us that, but it sure is nice to know that the instinct we have to hold our babies has a physiological benefit as well.