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The Importance of Baby Carrier Foot Straps

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The Importance of Baby Carrier Foot Straps
The Boba 3G baby carrier features new, improved foot straps especially good for toddlers. Moms say they LOVE the foot strap feature on this carrier, but why?

Like all things that go into the design of Boba Carrier, the name of the game is comfort – for caregiver and child. Boba’s patent-pending foot straps give a bigger child extra leg support(the carrier supports children up to 45 lbs/20 kg). This helps them maintain important alignment of the hips and takes pressure off their longer legs. The straps are adjustable, so they grow with your child. We hear about toddlers using them off and on when they feel like it (especially while in the back carry position) and I love that the child has the option to regulate their comfort this way.

When babywearing infants and small toddlers for whom the foot straps aren’t yet useful, you can easily remove the straps with a quick unsnapping and store them away for a bigger-kid time.

Here’s a quick video look at the Boba Carrier foot strap feature. You can also check out our baby carrier foot strap use page. If you have any questions about this or other Boba Carrier 3G features, feel free to ping Boba customer support via email, phone, live chat or Twitter!

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