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× Home SHOP WRAPS SHOP CARRIERS SHOP BOBA AIR COMPARE OUR STORY 0 What a Baby Carrier, Tapioca Tea & Bounty Hunter Have In Common (and a PRIZE)
Since starting my blogging adventures with Boba (the baby carrier family company, that is) last summer, I’ve been sort of fascinated with the returns on my once-in-a-while internet searches for “Boba”. Many of you will already know, some of you may not, that searches on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, and the like return a very interesting triad in Boba Carrier, Boba Fett and boba tea. Coincidence? In my states of searching fascination I’ve begun to think not. Let me elaborate.

Boba Collage, Boba Blog

We’ll start with boba tea (aka bubble tea, aka pearl milk tea). It’s that super sweet milky kinda hip drinkable with Thai roots that comes with a very wide gauge straw. Why? Because it has a whole slew of very wide-diametered tapioca balls (aka “boba”, aka pearls) at the bottom! How fun, right?

Much like the Boba Carrier, boba tea comes in a lot of fun colors, gets you and your kids (if you dare introduce them to the well-known addiction that is boba tea) all giggly, and the experience of both kinds of boba-ing is just plain sweet sweet sweet. In fact, is it just me or does pink boba tea remind you an aweful lot of the Boba 3G Lila print?

Now how about Boba Fett? How much could this fictional Star Wars bounty hunter be connected with the hug-lovin’ Boba Carrier and/or the Asian tapioca slurping phenomenon? Well, surprise! Plenty! The clone guy and the tea both have serious cult followings around the world, just like Boba Carrier (that’s a little salesy-sounding, but it is true nonetheless). And Fett is all sorts of colorful himself – got a bit of the Kanga and the Tweet going on there, doesn’t he? Also, he’s wearing a super equipped jet pack which I’m sure would be much more useful were it a Boba Carrier, so I’ll bet he was practicing his baby-toting skills and simply working on his ability to respond quickly to both mama and baby requests with jet speed.

Boba, boba and Boba Fett all have smooth round features – the comfy seat of the carrier, the rolly-polly shape of the tapioca, the smooth aerodynamic design of the helmet.

The three also have wide-ranging appeal while still being a little on the fringe of mainstream; three highly loveable rebels if you will. Boba Carrier is often a happy alternative to today’s mega stroller trend, bubble tea ain’t your average Starbucks Frappamapalatte, and Fett just sorta likes being on the edge of Storm Trooper status without having to follow the pack.

I could go on, but I think I’ve proven name-sharing coincidences to be anything but.

What’s sad though, is that I could not find one single photo of the three of these search stars posing together. Of course, I could photoshop them into a nice grassy field enjoying the day together and perhaps even conjer a baby Fett toddler into the scene (probably in the 3G Tweet where the jet pack used to be), but I just don’t have it in me to fake that sort of quintessential Boba reality into being. So I throw the challenge (and a sweet bounty opportunity) to you!

That’s right – send me your own "Three Bobas" photo (all three in there, clearly) by next Monday, and I’ll add you to a raffle for a free Boba Pack (sort of rhymes with Boba Fett and can be chosen to match your favorite boba tea, don’t ya know it!). Email me at heather@bobafamily.com and be sure to tell me it’s okay to USE the photo – cuz other than getting you a free (non-jet) pack, that’s the point, right?

Happy photo shooting!