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Your Baby's Breastfeeding Cues

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Your Baby's Breastfeeding Cues
This terrific new graphic developed and published by the Women's and Newborn Services of the  Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) is offering new mothers and other caregivers a means to identify and meet a baby's hunger cues. First and foremost a friendly promoter of breastfeeding and nursing, these RBWH tips can be used for breast- or bottle-fed babies, as led by each family. In addition to the well-illustrated and identifiable images of this baby as she moves through the progression of hungry, is the gentle reminder to parents and caregivers alike, that when a baby becomes too agitated to eat, that you can help them best by first taking some time to calm them so that they can then feed. Being a mother myself, I can remember those early hours with my newborn son, when I quickly learned that by first calming and centering myself, I could then help guide my son into a calmer state as well. Hearing our little ones cry, especially as new mothers, can really stir up our feelings of concern, lending a sense of urgency to give our baby what he or she needs...NOW. It was here that I found taking a few easy, full breaths and speaking aloud in a soothing voice helped both me and my son---getting us both back in a place where we could settle in for a nurse together. This practice served me well with my newborn, and it continues to to this day, now that my boy is an energetic toddler zooming around the house at top speed.  

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